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Welcome to the home of Real Witches. For the first time ever Real Witches off you their services. A collective of men and women who follow the old ways of earth based spirituality. Offered on this site are life changing and enhancing services at great price. Enlightened magick users will counsel you, read your future and offer practical guidance on how to improve your life. We have a limited number of Witches to choose from because our interview process is so thorough. Learn about how you can order a Spell, hand made just right for your situation. On-line courses in Witchcraft, Voodoo and Magick are offered through our network. No other companies' services and guidance is as complete as ours! We post the rates on the main page because they are the lowest in cyber space.

Our rates are much lower than a 900 line and we hire only the best. Here is a list of our rates and products:

15 minutes of live psychic reading time: $19.95
30 minutes of live psychic reading time: $39.90
45 minutes of live psychic reading time: $59.85
60 minutes of live psychic reading time: $79.80

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E-mail reading asking three questions: $19.95

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Payments are made through the Trusted Paypal server, or use Visa or Mastercard!.

Real Witches provides a medium where individual psychics/witches/magick users can practice their craft. All readings, divinations, charts and interpretations are opinions which belong solely to the individual consultant and in no way reflect the views and opinions of Real Witches, Cincinnati, Ohio.